About MVAB


Monte Vista Athletic Boosters is a parent volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports Monte Vista’s Student Athletes.  Athletics in our school district is primarily funded through donations.  Along with our administration and coaching staff, we help ensure that each Student Athlete has the proper facilities and support needed to participate in school athletics.  We accomplish this through our volunteers whose fundraising efforts include MVAB Membership, Stadium Advertising, Snack Shack operations, Spirit Wear clothing and accessory sales, Capital Campaigns, and Events like the annual Crab Feed.

Our Mission:  

The mission of MVAB is to support the philosophy of MVHS Athletics to provide “a positive atmosphere of sportsmanship and learning”[1] for the MVHS student-athlete and their athletic Club/Team[2], in conjunction with the MVHS philosophy of providing an “environment which promote respect for students, teachers and parents for the rights of persons and property”[3] through funding, education, and service programs.

MVAB fulfills its Mission as follows:


    Funding:  Financial support given for a variety of purposes

    1. Capital Improvements: Common-use assets and certain school-issued protective gear that are needed to practice and play the sport  Personally worn and used items (uniforms / clothing, personal protective gear, and footwear) are excluded from funding support
    2. General purpose Team funding: allocation to Teams for use as directed by the head coach of the program through the Team’s budget
    3. Remuneration for MVHS Athletics Administration Support for services they provide to MVHS at the discretion of the MVAB Executive Board
    4. MVAB Scholarship award program granted to student-athletes that meet pre-defined criteria
    5. Collegiate Athletic Recognition Event honoring MVHS student-athletes who have been invited to play a sport in college
    6. Other funding needs deemed appropriate and necessary

    Funding sources executed and managed by MVAB include, but are not limited to sales of:

    1. Advertising / Sponsorship
    2. Logo / spirit wear items
    3. Food items through management of the Snack Shack
    4. Events: The annual Crab Feed Dinner or other events, and supporting funds raised through auction items from those events
    5. MVAB will also manage and account for private donations and corporate matching funds.


    Education — provide information through a number of channels (e.g., seminars, flyers, etc.) to the Athletics community (student-athletes, parents, Athletics administration) on a variety of topics (e.g., safety, sportsmanship, playing sports beyond high school, etc.)


    Services — other activities that fulfill the purpose of MVAB

    1. Provide opportunities for Team-specific fundraising (e.g., management of Snack Shack facilities, selling of advertising space on banners and Zackheim Field scoreboard, etc.)
    2. Coordination of communications among the community of student-athletes, parents, coaches, and Athletics Administration on education, policies, and procedures that promote a positive Athletics environment (e.g., promotion of student Team success, positive coaching environment)

Other info:  

Principal Office:
Monte Vista Athletic Boosters
3131 Stone Valley Road, Danville, CA 94526

Monte Vista Wranglers established 1971  dba Monte Vista Athletic Boosters
Tax ID: 23-7087606,
recognized as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code described in section 509(a)( 3)
Type III Functionally Integrated Supporting Organization operated in connection with Monte Vista High School as described in ‘Mission” Article II, Section 1, Bylaws April, 2016.

[1] Source:  Monte Vista High School website (http://www.mvhs.schoolloop.com/athletics), accessed March 11, 2015

[2] A “Team” is defined as a sports program that:

  • Complies with Associated Student Body (ASB) guidelines and has an established Monte Vista High School financial account
  • Has its athletes submit all Sports Forms as posted on the Monte Vista Athletics web page
  • Is insured under San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s insurance program
  • Has a Head Coach that is employed by San Ramon Valley Unified School District
  • May be comprised of up to 3 levels per gender (Frosh/Soph, JV, Varsity)

[3] Source:  Monte Vista High School website (http://www.mvhs.schoolloop.com/Philosophy, Item #12), accessed March 11, 2015